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MainProtagonist's 2015 Gift Guide

Yohohoho, happy nondenominational winter celebration! I’m MainProtagonist, and I love many things, including you! My favorite game series are Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Trails in the Sky, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of, Ys, Advance Wars, Etrian Odyssey, Legend of Zelda. Any merch related to any of those series would be really rad, but I’m always willing to try new things and while I own pretty much every game in all of those series, they showcase my overall taste in games pretty well and I love surprises.


I have a Vita, PS4, PS3, 3DS, DS, Wii, Gamecube, Gameboy Color, and a half decent PC, so options are there folks!

Here’s my steam wishlist if that suits your fancy…


In terms of nongaming stuff, I really like Anime, manga, and American comic strips. Some of my favorites are anything by Inio Asano(I already have Solanin), Natsume Yuujincho, Daily Lives of High School Boys, anything Taiyo Matsumoto, Gurren Lagann, Black Lagoon, Baccano!, to name a few. In terms of Ghibli movies I don’t have Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Wind Rises, Porco Rosso, or Princess Mononoke on Bluray *wink wink*. In terms of American comic strips, I like Calvin and Hobbes, Pearls Before Swine, Foxtrot, and Get Fuzzy. As for other stuff, I like Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, ARCHER, and Rick and Morty. I also love Will Ferrell movies.

My T-shirt size is generally medium, sweatshirt size is large because the sleeves on mediums are usually too short.


Posters, figurines, games, t-shirts, manga, movies, comic books, regular books, anything is fine with me. I have an amazon wishlist, and anything on there would be fantastic

Also Legos are rad and I love Star Wars.

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