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I'm Really Interesting. Honest. I Swear.

Hello friends. My name is MainProtagonist and I barely write anything ever. In real life I am known for my hair, my bad jokes, and my unwavering moral compass. I am the laziest overachiever I know, and I like video games, hip-hop, anime, movies, sports, people, and chex mix. I have a dumb and obnoxious sense of humor, but I think that's part of my charm. I float around in the comments from time to time, usually with a silly remark in hand.


My favorite developers are Atlus, Arc System Works, Intelligent Systems, Nintendo, Nihon Falcom, and several other Japanese developers that I can't remember/don't care to mention off of the top of my head. When not telling dumb jokes, watching Anime or playing video games I am interacting with other people or playing soccer or skiing or sucking at basketball. As shown by my favorite devs, I like JRPGs and SRPGs, and I dislike most other genres. I'm not a huge fan of FPS or Western RPGs, but I do enjoy the occasional Bioware game and I give credit where I believe credit is due. I don't like CoD, but I am pretty good at it because it's the only game my friends play and I like having friends, so I tolerate it.

You can find me under these names:

PSN: LetMeRomanceYou

XBL: LetMeRomanceYou

Steam: LetMeRomanceYou

3DS: 3909-8937-1771

If you didn't believe me before, I think my gamertags are a testament to how silly my sense of humor is.

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